Teaching Rats Tricks

It is reasonably easy to teach rats some tricks and to learn their own names and certain words, i.e. dinner/food.
To do this you need 2 things,

Teaching ratties to learn their names

If you start off with your ratty in the cage and every time you give a ratty a treat say their name several times, this will start to associate their name with something good. The take them out of the cage and give them a treat or 2 whilst saying their name. Then try moving a few inches away and doing it again, if they come when you call their name continue a bit further away, if they don't then go back to the first step.


This will not be achieved immediately it will take a lot of patience to get your rats to come when their name is called but it's very useful if they are hiding behind the sofa and its time for them to go back to their cage!!

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